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Hand cleansing gel

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Hand cleansing gel

Hand cleansing gel for removal of paint

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The hand cleansers are personal-use products in liquid or semi-solid form for cleaning hands. Formulated to eliminate grease, oil, fuel oil, paints, and any type of dirt, acting gently on the skin and leaving it soft and smooth

Specific for dried dirt

Ideal for removing from hands: paint, enamel, tar, glues and resins

Specific raw materials

  • contains abrasive microbeads and pumice stone, enriched with glycerol and sericin.

  • the sericin aids regeneration of skin tissue, hydrating the skin at a deep level and protecting from external substances

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Store in cool, dry and well ventilated area, at a temperature between 10 and 35°C. Store away from heat sources and direct sunlight. At temperatures below those recommended, the product can undergo a possible change in viscosity, a problem prevented by following the indications mentioned above

The technical advice given, while based on our best experience, should be considered, in any event, purely as guidance and should be confirmed by comprehensive practical tests. This does not eliminate the purchaser's

responsibility to personally test our products to see whether they are suitable for the intended use