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Plug-in connector CS concrete-wood/steel-wood

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Plug-in connector CS concrete-wood/steel-wood

Ideal for concealed or visible connections, the plug-in connectors enable a high degree of pre-fabrication and hence a considerable reduction in assembly times

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The plug-in connectors each consist of two aluminium parts that can be joined for a form-fitting connection based on a classic dovetail joint. They have applications in a wide variety of areas. From timber constructions and interior fitting to wall, roof and ceiling solutions, everything is possible.

  • Rapid assembly of load-bearing concrete-wood/wood-steel connections

  • Significant reduction in assembly time due to high degree of pre-fabrication

  • Multiple dimensions for tailor-made and reliable solutions

  • Simple, continuous mounting system with identical edge clearances and non-aligned screws to maintain strength

  • High load transfer in and perpendicular to the direction of insertion, tension, compression and torque load transfers around all three axes

  • Suitable for fire protection requirements R30 and R60

The required wood dimensions can be found in the table below. The recommended cutting depth for the M series should be at least 1 mm less deep than the total thickness of both plates together, and at least 3 mm less deep for the L–XL series. Please note that longer bolts should be screwed into the end grain.

Depending on the plug-in connector type, the appropriate type of special system screws should be used as per ETA-12/0067 approval in order to guarantee the specified characteristic load-bearing values for the secondary beam (wood).

For a concrete or steel connection (main support connection), the corresponding anchors, concrete screws or steel screws must be used. These can be found in the measurement table.

Two connector plates can be secured against lifting (if required) through the use of self-tapping, locking system screws.

Utilisation classes 1 and 2 (in accordance with Eurocode 5)